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Grass-fed, All Natural Beef

     At Prairie Springs Ranch, we raise beef the old-fashioned way. Our animals are born here, nurse on their mothers for 6-9 months, are then weaned to a diet of pasture grass and hay that we grow here. We don't use pesticides on our pastures. We don't use any growth stimulating hormones, and our animals are not pumped full of antibiotics to keep them healthy. We do not butcher sick animals nor are our animals exposed to other animals that may have diseases.

     Every fall the healthy grass-fed animals are processed to bring to your table. The beef is instantly frozen to maintain freshness and shelf-life.

     We try to keep the prices of our natural beef comparable to that of grocery stores for regular beef, while providing a superior product the simple, old fashioned way.

    Grass-fed beef is usually leaner than grain-fed beef. Our first batch of ground beef was tested to contain 5% fat, a level seemingly unobtainable in grocery stores. We like to add a bit of olive oil when we are cooking to keep it from sticking to the pan!


     One of the most pleasant benefits of grass-fed beef is flavor!! Grass-fed beef tastes sweet and smells rich while cooking.

     For more information about the benefits of grass-fed beef,  visit: www.mayoclinic.com/health/grass-fed-beef/AN02053