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What is Chiangus beef? About the breed.

     Chiangus is a composite breed initiated in the US in the early 70's when the first full-blooded Chianina semen was brought to the United States. The Chianina breed is one of the oldest breeds in the world, originating in Chianti, Italy. They are very large, with black skin and white hair. They have extremely sought after growth and carcass beef characteristics. They are usually leaner than the European breeds, and often have less carcass waste.

     The Chiangus breed was started by crossing full-blooded Chianina with registered Angus. They are large, black animals that exhibit the desirable characteristic of both Chianina and Angus.

     We have a closed herd, which means that the animals are born here, and we don�t supplement with animals of unknown origin. Bulls are quarantined prior to introduction to our herd. Birth and health records are kept on each animal as well as the lineage for generations. The animals are tagged and/or tattooed for identification.

     To learn more about Chiangus, visit the American Chianina Association